Hello there and welcome back to my blog. Today I am uploading a very much requested recipe of milk buns.

Let’s get right to the ingredients


– 350g flour
– 3 tbsp sugar
– 1 paket dry yeast/or fresh yeast
– 2/3 tsp salt
– 190g warm milk
– 30g butter (room temperature)


1. Combine your warm milk, it should be lukewarm (32°C to 38°C) with sugar and yeast and mix them well. Let them rest aside for about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. In another bowl, mix flour and salt. If you want to have an extra fluffy texture, take one tablespoon flour out and add corn starch instead. This will make your buns really soft.

3. After letting your yeast mixture chill, add this to the flour-sat mix and knead the dough. When the dough comes together you can add in the soft butter and knead through. Try kneading at least 10 minutes by hand. Feel free to use your machine.

4. Form a ball, put it into a bowl, cover it with a clean table cloth and let your dough rest for at least an hour, for best results let it rest for two hours.

5. After the resting time, knead your dough again and form small balls, your desired size, and put them into a greased form. Let a bit of space between each ball, because they will rise more. Now yet again let your dough rest for 30 minutes before putting it into the oven.

bake at 180°C for 20-30 minutes

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