typical houses in Amsterdam

Hello there and welcome to my blog, happy you are here.

Last weekend I was with friends on a trip to Amsterdam and here come a few things you may be interested in.

After approximately one and half hour flight from Munich we were in Amsterdam. The first to do was to buy a ticket. There are vending machine inside the airport, which are yellow, but you will ot need to buy a ticket there, if you won’t take the train elsewhere. Outside the aiport hall is a red van, which sells tickets for public transportation. There are options like one day ticket, two day- and three day ticket. The latter costs 28€ and is for public transportation. There are other options like Amsterdam and surrounding areas, but we did not need that one. We had to get to Centraal, therefore we took the bus, then the metro, but we could have taken the Intercity, which takes you directly to Centraal within 20 minutes. Check out beforehand if your hotel has an Airport Shuttle.

After arriving at Centraal, we had to take the ferry to our hotel, which was DoubleTree by Hilton NDSM Wharf. We relaxed bit in our rooms and then we were off to check out the city. As it was past lunch time, 4pm and we still did not have proper food, we decided to go to an indian restaurant ‚India Roti Room‘. My tip: the chicken tikka (tandoori) is sooo yummy, an absolute recommandation!

Then we just walked around the area and came to Amsterdam’s Jewish Quarter, where you can find a Portugese Synagoge. Along the way you will see so many bridges and beautiful places. We kept walking until it was evening, where we came across an american bookstore, where people shared their poems, stories and books. Apart from that the bookstore has loads and loads and loads of books, as well as seatings. From there we took the tram back to Centraal, where we bought a few things for later. The mini supermarkets name is Albert Heijn at Centraal is open 24 hours.

The next day we went to ‚Tropenmuseum‘, which has a lot of different exhibitions, like longing for Mekka, Cool Japan, Afterlives of Slavery, Things That Matter, Bitter Chocolate Stories. This is something you can do on a rainy day. It is so mesmerizing, sad yet hopeful.

In the evening we went on a boat ride for one and half hours. We booked it on tripadvisor, for 16€ per person. But let me tell you this, you have a lot and by that I mean a lot of possibilities to book a boat ride. You will find a few in Centraal and a few other places too. But the one we took was great, it was warm inside with a roof, which was a blessing, because it was really cold that night. On our way back to our hotel we came by a waffle store ‚van Wonderen Stroopwafels‘, they were yummy but a bit messy to eat, at least for me. After walking for a while we bought fries, which I did not find special.

The last morning we went to Exki at Centraal for breakfast. Let me tell you: they have vegan food, warm breakfast and homemade cakes, which taste incredible. I took the banana filled one, which was yo light and yummy.
Be aware that they sell out really fast, especially the cakes. I know that, because when we came back at 4pm there was only one last piece of the lemon merengue cake.

At 5pm we took the Intercity to the Airport and that was our trip to Amsterdam. I hope I could help you somehow and give you good tips. If you are interested in a few videos, feel free to visit my Instagram @nabaslifeflow and there you will find my Amsterdam highlights.

Wish you a great day and until next time, love you.

boat trip

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